The first step is to harvest the grapes from Goose Ridge vines and put them into a press.

Make wine


The pressed grapes ferment until the wine is considered “dry”— about 12-15 percent alcohol.

Distilled 24 Times

At this point we pump the wine into the still where the alcohol is extracted from the wine through a series of 24 copper distillation plates.

When it reaches the top of the first column the alcohol is 120 proof. It then passes— in vapor form—into the second column where it reaches 190 proof.

Freeze Filtered

Before the final filtration, we let the vodka rest for 5 days.

It is then blended with pure water before being freeze-filtered 50 times, resulting in perfect clarity.

hand bottling

The final, and most exciting step is hand-bottling the vodka!

The Monson family is proud to handcraft VIDO—from our estate grape vines to a premium finished Vodka—for your enjoyment!

The Monson Family